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Organ Timing is the thing I keep talking these few months. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND each and everyone of you to own the book. It’s titled “The Ultimate Balance” by LeAnne Deardeuff, DC. It’s the best investment I have ever made (aside from Inner Transformations, EOPR, Gentle Babies, and the list goes on….). When you use specific oils/ supplements at the specific timing targeted at the specific organ, the effect of the oils/ supplements would be better than the other timing. My own experience has proven how powerful the combination of the right oils with the right timing on the right organ. I have attached the pretty picture (courtesy of my ever creative friend, Norce) that summarizes the active timing of each organ with the choice of oils to use. I have been pushing the book to everyone I know who’s been in the oily journey together.

Let me just say, this is the missing piece on the question why sometimes the oils works and sometimes not (do a quick search about the evolution of pathogens).

So you would ask, how about organs active at middle of the night? Do we have to wake up at that time to apply?
Answer is Yes and No.
Yes, if you are willing to.
No, because there is another trick – you can apply 12 hours before.
For example. LUNG is at 3 – 5 am. Since it’s difficult to use oils at that time, you can use oils at 3-5 pm together with its opposite organ which is BLADDER. So use oils to support LUNG as well as BLADDER.

Below is one of my friends’ experience. While it’s not mine, it does reconfirm my learnings. I am grateful for her sharing because it’s my aim to work towards balancing body as the whole instead of focusing on one or two organs at a time.

It was a particularly hazy day and I was with my daughter.
Before knowing the information about the organ timing from Deny, normally I would open my oil bag, apply oils to support respiratory, and turn on diffuser.
Suddenly, I remembered Deny’s sharing and I took out the pen and listed out the oils to use to support each organ for 8 hours straight. Pretty picture from Norce helped a lot in making my decision on what oils to use on each organ.

At 5 – 7 pm, I apply oils to support kidney such as Release and Valor. Bladder waste disposal had been on its way (3 – 5 pm) so I gave her more plain water to drink. 3-5pm is the time of the Bladder to move metabolic wastes into the kidney’s filtration system. Note: 5-7 p.m is Kidney active time. Make sure that you have had 90% of your water for the day before 5 pm (kidney active time) so that your blood can be filtered properly.

At 7 – 9 pm, I used oils to support stomach. I made sure my girl sleep at 9 pm as this is the time the peak of the Qi from Triple Warmer. Note: 9-11pm is the time of Triple Heater or endocrine system where the body’s homeostasis is adjusted and enzymes are replenished. It is recommended to sleep at this time so the body can conserve energy for the following day.
Being the survival mechanism, the triple warmer pulls energy from other organ systems in response to “invaders”, thereby lowering the body’s overall functioning. The spleen (“mother”) sits across from the triple warmer (“father”) so it is primarily from the spleen, the body’s energy storehouse that the energy is pulled from.
The next day, the runny nose turned into phlegm. I kept referring to active organ time chart to support the organs. In the noon, the cough lessened and zero runny nose. The next day, she went to school as per normal (total 2 days!).

The benefit of using the ORGAN TIME chart is I have guidance on what oils to use on which organs at which timing. I could save on respiratory oils and explore wonderful properties of other oils. I am not in panic mode when popular respiratory oils (RC, for example) are out of stock that’s what I have been advising my friends all along. EXPLORE other oils!

Lung, kidney and spleen qi deficiency results in phlegm. In Chinese Medicine it is said that while the Spleen is the producer of Phlegm, the Lungs are the container for Phlegm. I would focus on supporting these organs (as well as opposite organs – 12 hours apart) by using oils or supplements when I heard phlegmy cough.

On Monday, when she was suddenly having runny nose, I was asking myself the cause of it. Is it haze? Is it food allergy? Then I suddenly remembered about the organ pattern relationship from Ultimate Balance. If an organ is suddenly sick, it’s probably not that organ which is sick but the 2 organ prior to that (it’s a bit chim, but bear with me for a while). In this case, the symptom showed at 3 pm, so I moved backwards 4 hours, which was 11 am and this time was HEART active time. At this time, I did not allow my girl to play outside due to the high psi. She was unhappy. One of the negative emotions that block the energy flow of the heart is lack of joy. Joy will affect the heart. Joylessness or the inability to express joy is pathological and slows qi down.
Because the inability to pass energy to the next organ (small intestine 1 – 3 pm), the small intestine did not receive enough energy to perform its task.

At 3 pm, I used Harmony, Joy (for Heart) and Ginger (for digestion), instead of respiratory support oils.
It’s very interesting to learn about Body Clock and I am grateful to Deny for sharing this with me (Deny’s voice: Read! Very interesting!).

Another interesting thing is: actually old folks are right. Don’t Put Ice in Your Drinks. Avoid Cold Food.
The Spleen hates cold, so one easy way to help your Spleen is to avoid ice in your drinks. The Spleen is responsible for breaking down your food through the process of digestion, and this is powered by heat. Eating and drinking cold foods such as icy drinks, eating ice cream (a TCM no no!), or eating a lot of frozen or very cold foods (many foods in raw form are considered “cold”) taxes the Spleen energy (…/organs/the-spleen/).

Yes, I still believe that building immunity takes time and effort on top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But the phrase that “Our body can heal” only by learning about Body Clock and Body System made me saying the big Ahhhhh….

Deny had said to me before, “Each organ in the body works harmonically to balance the body. If you are hardworking to use oils to support each organ at its active time, you will see the improvement in 1-2 days.”

It’s so wonderful how our body works to balance the system. The oils are just for support. Let the body heal itself. That’s how we’re created.

Note: Triple Warmer: Pituitary, Adrenal, and Thyroid. These glands have been discussed here. 

IMPORTANT! When you do Organ Time oiling, you have to support ALL organs, not only few specific organs.


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