Sunscreen / Sunblock

Commercial sunblocks are loaded with chemicals. Recently, FDA has banned the sprayed sunscreen because the ingredients may cause irritation to eyes and other sensitive parts of the body. IF it’s irritant to body, why do we still want to use that?

Do you know that once the lotion touches our skin, our body absorbs the ingredients? So the chemicals will still reach our system even though it’s outer skin application. Our system will work hard to discard them, but some will still stuck inside and over time, the built up will cause imbalance in the body.

I was used to be ignorant until 2 years back. Nowadays, I will scrutinize the ingredients of the products I want to use on myself and my family. The realization is quite appalling. Artificial flavor xxx, artificial coloring xxx, preservative, and many other chemical constituents make me avoid the commercial skin care, shampoo, cosmetics departments.

NOW I can homemade my own sunblock for the family. I know what’s inside the sunblock instead of guessing whether this and that of the commercial sunblocks are safe in the long term. Below are several recipes for the sunblocks. Carrot seed essential oil has the highest UV-B protection. However, all essential oils do not provide UV-A protection which is necessary to prevent skin tanning (unless you want to do tanning, then it’s different story). UV-A rays have long wavelength and penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer. UV-B rays usually burn the outer skin layers.

Of all carrier oils, I recommend red raspberry seed oil for both UV-A and UV-B protection. Together with Carrot Seed/ Myrrh essential oil, the homemade sunblock can protect the skin from radiation damage. Remember to reapply every 30-60 minutes when you are exposed under sun for too long or when you go for swim.

I managed to get the recipe for sunblock for face and body, suitable for kids and adults and it’s not oily in our Asia countries. You can duplicate the amount according to your needs.

Recipe for 10mL sunblock for ASIAN weather (hot and humid)

Grape seed oil – 8 mL (as the base)

Jojoba oil – 1 mL

Avocado oil – 5 drops

Carrot seed essential oil – 2 drops

Red raspberry oil – 1 drop (IMPORTANT for UVA protection)

Lavender essential oil – 8 drops

YOUR favourite essential oil – 2 drops


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