Essential Oil Expire Date


This question is often asked for those using essential oil, how long essential oil can be kept before it expires?

Most YOUNG LIVING essential oils DO NOT have expire date! Amazing, right? It’s because YOUNG LIVING essential oils are 100% pure essential oils, not synthetically made from laboratory. They are free from fatty acids which can compromise quality, smell and color of essential oils with time.

Young Living essential oils can be kept years without compromising their therapeutic qualities as long as the caps are tightly closed (not to tight) and they are kept in dark and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Citrus essential oils, such as Lemon, Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit, Jade Lemon, Orange, etc. together with their blends may have fatty acids in their essential oils. This is because the process to get their essential oils are COLD PRESSED and thus traces of big molecules, such as protein may be found inside the oils. Hence, this can compromise the quality of essential oils with time. Another thing with citrus oils are their molecules are small, hence even with caps on, there is possibility of the molecules escape to air and reduce the amount of essential oils in the bottle. Thus, we like to say to use the citrus oils and their blends within 2 years from getting it.

I also find Frankincense essential oil has small molecules and easy to escape. My Frankincense oil finished quite faster than my usage (yes, I know I use it quite extensively, but not that extensive in my humble opinion).

Some essentials oils are diluted with carrier oils. Hence that will have self-life of 2 years due to the presence of fatty acids. Most of YLEOs are using fractionated coconut oil. While the benefit of coconut oil is not as good as extra virgin coconut oil, but fractionated coconut oil (FCO) makes the blend more stable, hence can be extended more than 2 years. However, use at your own comfort level if already passed 2 years for essential oils with carrier oil inside. Some of the examples of essential oils with carrier oils inside:
1. Valor – using fractionated coconut oil (including valor roll-on)
2. AromaLife – using sesame seed oil
3. Breathe again roll on, Deep relief roll on, Tranquil roll on, Rutavala Roll on – FCO
4. White Angelica – FCO
5. Three wise men – almond oil
6. Slique essence – stevia extract
7. SARA – almond oil
8. Present time – almond oil
9. Mister – sesame seed oil
10. Kidscents essential oil range
11. Many other blends – check essential oil pocket/desk reference
12. Massage oils – orthoease, orthosport, sensation, dragon time massage oils, etc.
Why carrier oil? Because some blends need carrier oil to stabilize their properties.

Side note: essential oils from steam distilled do not contain big molecules because those cannot pass through distillation process.

Side note 2: Currently, only Jasmine and Onycha essential oils are extracted using solvents. Hence, if you want to be precise, they are not essential oils per se, but are called ABSOLUTES (essences). Young Living ensures that traces of volatile materials are not present in the final extraction. However, if you are still concerned, you can choose all others essential oils without Jasmine and Onycha 🙂

Quality of carrier oils used will affect the stability of our own diluted essential oils. Get carrier oils from trusted sources to ensure you have good grade carrier oils. Some of my recommendation for kids and babies-friendly carrier oils are: sweet almond oil, Young Living V6, and virgin coconut oil. Olive oil can be quite oily on skin and can cause clogs. Unless you have extensive knowledge on using carrier oils, I would suggest that you limit usages of olive, rosehips, jojoba essential oils for the new users.



Banyak teman-teman yang baru mulai menggunakan essential oil bertanya, berapa lama essential oil bisa disimpan dan digunakan sebelum expired / rusak?

Essential oil tidak mempunyai expire date , dengan catatan essential oilnya murni, natural dan bukan buatan laboratorium. Essential oil dapat terjaga kualitasnya selama bertahun-tahun jika disimpan dengan baik dalam kemasan tertutup rapat, berwarna gelap, suhu ruangan yang sejuk dan tidak terkena cahaya matahari langsung.
Hal ini dikarenakan essential oil tidak mengandung FATTY ACIDS (asam lemak) yang dapat menurun kualitas nya seiring waktu, berubah warna atau baunya.

Pengecualian untuk Citrus essential oil (orange, lemon, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, jade lemon dll) yang didapatkan dari proses cold pressed. Essential oilnya berasal dari kulit buah jeruk-jerukan yang dapat mengandung jejak-jejak protein, yang dapat mengalami perubahan senyawa kimia dan menurun kualitasnya jika disimpan terlalu lama. Citrus oils harus digunakan dalam waktu maksimal 2 tahun setelah dibuka, untuk mendapatkan manfaat optimalnya.

Note : Protein mempunyai ukuran molekul yang besar dan tidak tahan panas, tidak dapat bertahan melewati proses distilasi karena itu tidak ditemukan dalam essential oil yang didapat dari steam distillation.

Minyak kelapa, minyak zaitun, minyak almond, dll yang biasanya digunakan sebagai minyak pelarut mempunyai kandungan fatty acids (asam lemak) , dapat berubah warna, aroma, dan menurun kualitasnya jika disimpan terlalu lama. Minyak dengan kandungan asam lemak tidak mudah menguap walaupun kita biarkan di permukaan terbuka dalam waktu cukup lama. Karena itu baik digunakan sebagai medium agar essential oil bertahan lebih lama di permukaan kulit, menyerap lebih perlahan, juga mengurangi kemungkinan terjadinya iritasi pada kulit.

Kualitas & jenis minyak pelarut sangat berpengaruh terhadap manfaat yang ingin didapatkan dari essential oil. Selalu gunakan minyak pelarut organik dan perhatikan tanggal kadaluarsanya sebelum digunakan.

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