Kidscents toothpaste

This story may or may not be reliable, depending on perspective.

My girl is currently 3 yrs 8 mths. when she’s 8 month old, we started brushing her gum using the soft brushes without using any toothpaste. just to get her into the habit of brushing teeth.

When she grew her first 2 teeth, I gave her toothpaste from iherb which stated “safe for consumption”. She used 1 tube only for few months because I just gave her teeny tiny bit everytime. at that time, she still swallowed toothpaste and dunno how to spit out.

after that tube finished, I intro-ed her Young Living kidscents toothpaste. She rejected for 1 wk (1 wk without or with little kidscents toothpaste) before accepting and loving it. Still she couldn’t spit out, so I gave her teeny tiny bit everytime.

She could spit out probably when she’s 2 yrs +.

I have no problem her swallowing Young Living toothpaste because I know the ingredients are natural and cater to kids.

Last Sunday, we brought her to dentist (just to intro her and got overall check up). I who have been with her 24/7 know she has good teeth so I have postponed her going to dentist 😀

Dentist checked and overall her teeth are good except one teeny tiny hole. Hooray for Young Living kidscents toothpaste. She loves eating sweet stuff, sometimes even at night time >_<
but I make sure she brushes her teeth afterwards.

No decay or weak tooth, meaning, fluoride in toothpaste is probably unnecessary for her 😉

Uh oh, some of you probably wonder whether no-fluoride Kidscents Toothpaste is good. If you watch Lindsay Elmore’s video, she explained about the benefit of using YL Toothpaste. The components inside the toothpaste, including the oils inside, will form invisible layer outside teeth. This will last for hours after brushing teeth and will protect and strengthen them! It’s same, if not more powerful, effect than fluoride in toothpaste minus the negative effect of having fluoride in the toothpaste 🙂

Healthy teeth, healthy kids


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