My favorite choice for digestive health

Here are my lists (phew it’s a loooong list) of Young Living products to support digestive health.
digestive YL
Do you know that our digestive system is responsible for 80% of our immune system? And 95% of our mood is from our digestive? Surprised? I was too, when I heard about it. The topic of digestive health is always my favorite (besides hormonal health).
Digestive system begins at mouth and ends at anus. Whatever goes inside mouth, will be absorbed to bloodstream. Do you want chemical A or chemical B to go to your bloodstream?
No one wants that. Hence, the oral hygiene is important. My favorite is Thieves Dentarome Ultra (avail in USA) and Thieves mouthwash. I included Thieves Aromabright because it’s available in SG market. I should include Kidscents toothpaste also because that’s my girl’s favorite!
I love these oils for my family because
STRESSAWAY – has great oils inside, Lime, Vanilla, Copaiba, Ocotea, Cedarwood, Lavender. Ocotea is helpful to get rid of “unwanted visitors”; lime, cedarwood, and vanilla are calming; Lavender relaxes stomach muscles, and lastly my favorite, COPAIBA – great for calming discomfort everywhere. And you get StressAway FREE when you sign up as ER member.
VALOR – let me just say, valor is my everything. This oil is sensitive to what body needs. So if I have discomfort stomach, VALOR quietens and at the same time, strengthens it. VALOR is also one of the oils that supports bladder and kidney health. It helps to remove excess fluid from our body.
DIGIZE – first thing that comes to mind when talking about digestive health.
GINGER – great help to pregnancy mums when experiencing bloatedness, nausea, etc.
PEPPERMINT – great support for digestive health. My girl will ask for this when she’s sitting on the throne with red face. She will ask me to rub her stomach with this.
Liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself completely from 30% size (read: liver transplant or other related issues). Toxins are sometimes stored in liver. Negative emotions, such as anger, are stored in liver. It’s no wonder when some people are using RELEASE on their liver, they can be easily angered. If liver is not healthy, there’s possibility of hormonal balance because liver is the only organ that produces building blocks of hormones. Let’s start with supplement
JUVATONE (USA product) – great supplements to support liver health. Mood swing in teenager, can be helped by consuming juvatone. Smoking addictions can be curbed with this supplement.
TRANQUIL ROLL ON – Yes, it’s not only for calming fussy kids! Inside there’s Roman Chamomile which is great support for liver!
WHITE ANGELICA – hohoho, do you know that this oil has many oils to support liver health? Ylang-ylang, Geranium, Bergamot, and even ROSE which I have great testimony before
CELERY SEED and HELICHRYSUM are useful for detoxification of heavy metals such as lead and mercury which can cause eczema (if there’s built up in the body), impair cognitive ability, etc.
JUVAFLEX – this is both liver, pancreas and gallbladder support. This blend increases bile flow, improves cells function, expels toxins, protects liver, and many more.
ESSENTIALZYME is wonderful for pancreas support. Pancreas produces enzymes to break food that we eat and also produces insulin to balance blood sugar.
DIGEST & CLEANSE – Great support for digestive and immune system
SULFURZYME – It’s a wonderful source of MSM, protein building compound that found in breastmilk, fruits, vegetables, ningxia wolfberries, etc. Sadly, our food nowadays lack of nutrients, and hence, supplements. It supports digestive and immune system as well as normal body functions.
NINGXIA RED – need I say more? NXR is all in one drink. It gently detoxes, nourishes from inside, and preserves healthy cells. It has minerals and vitamins and other goodness which has been described in previous posts. My girl did not drink cow’s milk regularly since she’s 2 yrs old because I found that cow’s milk caused her stomach to be unwell. From digestive issues, it will spread to other body parts. One of them is excess mucus. NingXia is her nutrients boost. That and proper meal.
FOR INDONESIAN, ini video penjelasannya 🙂

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