To ingest or not?


Recently, I had this conversation:

Friend: Deny, I took YL Lemon EO internally and now I have this and that. When I checked the label, it’s said not for ingestion. Oh NO!! <inside head must be,” did I make a big mistake?”>

Let’s get this straight. In Singapore (and other countries EXCEPT USA), Young Living is categorized as cosmetics products. Have you ever ingested your cosmetics? No? I’ll get back to this later. WHY cosmetics? Because Young Living wants YOU to get the products faster! Or do you prefer to wait almost a year to get 1-2 products approved by HSA and AVA (they govern how the food content, etc etc, in Singapore)?

HOWEVER, even though YLEO in Singapore (and other countries except USA) is categorized as cosmetics, no significant harm has been reported by ingesting. Safe bet is to get Essential oils pocket/desk reference and there’s YLEO list of GRAS (eo categorized as food). Lemon is one of them! The book is great investment. I have to emphasize again and again, if you’re into Young Living, please get the book. It’s wonderful resource.

If you read that book, each oil will be described in details on how to use the oil. If the methods of usage include “dietary” or “ingestion” then I believe that should clarify my point.

BUT WHY THE LABEL says otherwise? Again, we’re back to cosmetics category. Do you ever see your cosmetics stuff has “dietary” label?

However, if you take a look at your 5 ml bottle of Lemon (or lavender or peppermint or other oils that are not sold separately as individuals), there’s dietary info. That because that bottle of oil originates from USA, i.e. supposed to be for USA market.

If you are into buying products from USA, and you get the free gifts, I am sure the labels will say “dietary” info.


So it’s back to the labeling and regulations of each country. I would say, for me personally, I will ingest without worry for most of the oils (except Jasmine and Onycha because of the distillation process for these two has alcohol inside. Though YL assures that alcohol content has been eliminated and some has taken that internally with no problem). Taste is not guaranteed nice. But hey, if it works, why not.

Key here is moderation. Please don’t gulp whole bottle of oil because it’s potent. It’s 100% pure (unlike those with labels of “pure essential oils” but only has 5-10% of essential oils and the rest is the fillers). So 1-2 drops into sublingual is fine. 1-2 drops into water is fine. THIS IS FOR ADULT. Please take good care if you want to give to your children. New user, please pay attention to safety usage of YLEOs

Another thing which is unrelated to “labeling” but I feel that it’s important to know. Do you think cosmetics that you use is for external usage only? I would say NO. It’s absorbed into your skin, into your blood, even small particles of powder will go into your respiratory system. So people will question about YLEO, but never question about chemicals inside their cosmetics? I remember one story that a person did extreme detox and her clothes were stained with black inks and other dark liquids because they were the residue of her make ups. She used to use heavy make ups. And THAT was absorbed and stored in organ tissues. Imagine years of using heavy make ups….. *shudder*

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