JuvaCleanse essential oil blend



JuvaCleanse is combination of powerful oils to detox, cleanse, and support healthy liver function. It has Helichrysum, Celery Seed, and Ledum.

HELICHRYSUM – this is one of my favorite oils for liver detox. Helichrysum can neutralize and excrete out heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) from the body. This oil helped my girl’s eczema case with detoxification. https://greathealthstartsfromnow.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/skin-health-through-liver-detox/

I am prone to blood clotting after being injected with needle (YES, I am afraid of needles!!). After knowing this oil, whenever the nurse takes out the needle from my skin, I will quickly apply around the area and voila, no blood clot at all and the skin heals so well until I could not find the prick after 1 hour. After trying several times, I am convinced that Helichrysum is very very helpful in any similar situations. You will think that I exaggerate. Have you seen the skin swollen and spread so big like 4 x $1 coins? Yep, that happened to me in the past. Just with teeny tiny needle. Well, I still hate needles! But knowing that I won’t experience discomfort that comes with it, at least I won’t worry so much.

Helichrysum is also great support for cardiovascular and nervous system as well as brain health. Brain detoxes at night during sleep time. Support with Helichrysum or other oils for brain health for great morning.

Celery Seed – This oil is diuretic and transports the water out of the fat cells as well as addressing the microbes that feed on the heavy metals. I use this alternately with Helichrysum.

Ledum is shown in clinical studies to protect liver and improve bile function. It functions as enzyme and digests the fat cells in the liver. However, it does not mean that skinny people (like me) will be skinnier by using Ledum. Remember that the oil has innate intelligence. It brings homestatis to body. So by cleansing bad fats from the body, it helps body to absorb nutrients better.

Do you know that Gary Young created this blend especially for his wife, Mary Young, to help her release heavy load of uranium, lead and mercury from her blood?

JuvaCleanse is a most powerful liver cleanser as well as nerve tonic. It is #1 detox oil for heavy metals and petro-chemicals. It’s even powerful when it’s added into Raindrop treatment during heavy metal detox program.

I have interesting experience with JuvaCleanse, well, it’s not me per se, it’s someone I hold dearly. His blood count is low due to H. pylori bacteria inside his stomach. After cleansing the bacteria, his body couldn’t catch up fast to produce red blood cells and he often experienced fatigue and was easily tired. Faith has given me screenshot few years back (I did not have the book then) on how to build blood. JuvaCleanse was mentioned inside. Together with Rehemogen (USA and can’t be shipped in, has to be hand carried in). I had both. After he took both internally for 2-3 weeks, he’s now better. He not only took JuvaCleanse and Rehemogen, but he took K&B, NingXia Red, and applied other oils also. But what makes the difference is the combination of JuvaCleanse and Rehemogen, as well as K&B. K&B stands for Kidney and Bladder and this is important element to build blood also (I won’t discuss much here since it’s about JuvaCleanse).

I am always amazed with the results I am getting from using Young Living and also observing good diet.

JuvaCleanse is one of the oils that I have at home. Always!

If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils or have further clarifications, please drop me a message here or email me at deny.sentosa@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “JuvaCleanse essential oil blend

  1. I am a YL distributor as well. My son is very sick and has a blood clot. He will be on blood thinners over the next 3-6 months. Would java cleanse be safe due to the blood thinners?


    • Dear Amber,
      my heart goes to you, your son, and your family. I would prefer he finishes the medicine first.

      Not because I don’t trust the oils, but because I prefer you work closely with trained oil user in this field to give you confidence in using oils correctly in conjunction with medication. That person has to know the medical history and detailed info about your son.

      I have heard amazing stories when people use oils for desperate situations. Have faith 🙂


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