Motivation Essential Oil (English and Indonesian version)

I wonder…. Anyone never procrastinates? Because I DO! At the slightest inconvenience, I procrastinate. Writing articles is less attractive than watching movies or reading comics from sites. Tidying up my messy living room is better done after I enjoy my chatting with my friends in e-world. Small details are often overlooked. I delay to keep the ironed clothes into their own places. The clothes will be just there in the room for days without anyone touching it! So, when I opened this bottle of oil, I was sceptic. Really, can motivate people? Is it effective? But I have never been so wrong before.

Few minutes after I applied it behind my ears, on my crown and chest, and inhaled it, immediately, I went to “that” room and kept the clothes in their proper places. I started to sweep and mop floor because I knew it was dirty, but I just kept delaying because I did not want to move my butt to do house chores. And well, it got me started to write this article, didn’t it?

What’s inside this blend oil? They are all very very good for digestive, respiratory and emotional system!

Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) – the moment I open this oil, I can smell the soothing aroma of Roman chamomile. I must say, when first I opened single oil of Roman Chamomile, I did not like the smell. However, slowly it calms me, especially when I was in pretty bad emotions (annoyed, confused, angry or other negative feelings).

Spruce (Picea mariana) – Spruce is powerful to emotions. It grounds and calms the frazzled nerves. It uplifts.

Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata) – this is touted to be an aphrodisiac oil. It’s great to relax and calm nerves. It supports healthy cardiovascular system. It helps to sleep. Ylang ylang has great aroma to uplift and create romance in the air.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) – who is not familiar with lavender? Most people will try Lavender when they start journey with Young Living essential oil. It’s great for everything! When in doubt, use Lavender!

This blend is currently not available for sale in YL SG. However, it is ONLY available this month, Nov 2016, in YL SG, as A FREE OIL for purchase of 370 pv and above! And do you know that in Japan, its name is Spirit Wings! What a pretty name! I couldn’t help but buy it when I was there for its name only. I guess when you use this oil, you will have wings to achieve whatever things you want to do 😉

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I have explained shortly in Indonesian in this video.

Harap ke menit 7:05 untuk mendengarkan penjelasan oil ini

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